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The Crucible - (Seniors Age 12+) - Plot Summary: Act Three

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

3rd June 2020 - Cast Read-through

'The Crucible'... what happens when?

Here's a little recap on the main events of The Crucible. It's a good idea to learn what happens when, so that you can consider how elements of performance and design might change as the plot progresses.

Act Three - the court scene

  • John Proctor takes Mary Warren to court to tell the judges that the girls are lying.

  • Danforth, the main judge, tells John that Elizabeth is pregnant and won't be hanged.

  • Lots of villagers have signed a testimony to say that Elizabeth, Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse aren't witches. Danforth orders everyone who signed it to be arrested.

  • Mary tells the court the girls are pretending to be bewitched. They start pretending that Mary has bewitched them.

  • John admits to his affair with Abigail to ruin her reputation. Elizabeth's brought in and asked if it's true. She denies it, which destroys John's case against Abigail.

  • The girls pretend that Mary's spirit is attacking them. She breaks down and accuses John of doing the Devil's work. John is arrested.


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