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The Costume Challenges!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

We're having a term of Fantastic Costume Making and we'll be celebrating our most creative costume designing students!

For each challenge students can send in some photos of amazing bespoke costumes. Or wear their costume to the next drama class.

You can even use a picture of a DIY costume you have already made or used in the past.

Maybe your child was a ghoulish ghost last Halloween? Or perhaps your child went the extra mile last World Book Day!

We'll pick a Winner from each costume challenge (with a wee prize) and then we'll crown King or Queens of the Costumes at the end of the term to whoever impresses the most throughout the challenges.

Bonus Points will go to DIY costumes / masks / headpieces made from items around the house or made themselves rather than bought items from a shop.


Rainbow Colours!

As it's Pride month for our last Costume Challenge we want a pic of your brightest and most colourful outfit!! What's your rainbow design? The most creative gets the points!

Send us a pic to or wear your costume to drama class!

Good luck!


Challenge #4 - Rainbow Colours...

Here's Sophie's Rainbow Fairy entry!... :)


Here's Georgie's Rainbow fabulous entries!...


Emily's colourful entry for Challenge #4 - Rainbow Colours!


Here's Finlay's entry! He designed his own mix-up rainbow tshirt, made a colourful scarf from all his karate belts and shook some pom Poms in the colours of the Ukraine flag!



Art wins Challenge #3 for this simple but very effective use of an already awesome design!


Here's Sophie's entry! The Blanket Crawler!


Here's Georgie's spooky entry!!!


Here's Sandy's Spooky entry as a Zombie Pirate Lincoln from The Loud House


Here's Niko's terrifying entry!!!


It's a double spooky (or is it spooooky) entry from Nina!...


Here's Art's other entry...


Here's Derbhla's Spooky Entry! Eeeeeeeeekkkkk.....


Here's Finlay's Spooky entry!....


Here's Aitana's super creepy entry....


Here's Emily's fab entry for Something Spooky!...



Finlay wins Challenge #2 for this awesome punky pop rock Bowie inspired look!


Here's Sophie's entry.... ROCKSTAR LOVEBOLT!


Meg & Aitana's hilarious entry! - "This girl's on AitanaAAAAA!!!"


Here's Nina's fab entry - it's NINA ROE!!!! :)


Here's Erynn's rocking entry!!!


Maisie's Poptastic entry!


Georgie's fab Pop Star entry!


Here's Derbhla's rocking entry!...



A Superhero

Send us in a pic of your very own made-up superhero - don't forget to tell us your superhero name and what their super powers are - Be creative!

Send us a pic to or wear your costume to drama class!

Good luck!



Sophie has created VEGGIE HERO! Ready to help people eat their 5 a day!

She made her mask, shield and Cape using craft materials and an old pillow case!

How awesome is that!


Georgie has created SUPER HERO GEORGIE!


Here's Niko's THE METALLIC MAN using old clothes and craft materials.

His super hero's power is to help people with electric music.


Here's Sandy's Super Hero entry for the Mix Up Theatre Costume Challenges!

Name is Techy Fez. Powers are magic, fire and water. He got his powers from gamma radiation. His real name is a secret.


SuperHeroes Assemble!!!

Georgie, Nina, Sandy & Erynn wore their Superhero costumes to drama class this weekend!


Here's Derbhla's entry for the Mix Up Theatre Costume Challenges!

THE GOLDEN GLADIATOR! - She can be invisible and can laser beam out if her eyes! And hypnotise her enemies!!


Some more entries for the Mix Up Costume challenges! Here’s Bogey Boy (Finlay), Pillowhead (Ellenor) and Varjak Paw (Lucia)!


It's Crazy Biscuit Scientist (Meg) and Captain Cookie (Aitana)!....


Jeremi and Lyanna's Superhero entries!....


It's Hamster Girl (aka Emily)!


Here's Maisie's entry- Hops the Superhero - who can jump really high!!! :)


Here's Alice's entry...

THE THINKER - she has the powers of controlling the nature and weather, she can prevent pollution and climate change using her mind to turn people behaviour towards nature.

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