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SUMMER ONLINE: Dino Egg Collector - The Challenges! - #taskmastermixup

Updated: Dec 13, 2020


Complete challenges to WIN Dinosaur Egg Points. The students with the most points at the end of the 2 weeks WIN Prizes! Good Luck!

Check this post daily to see what the newest challenges are.


CHALLENGE: Dinosaur Poo!

Sorry about this but can you take a pic of some dinosaur poo? Be creative, use mud, chocolate - not actual poo - probably not a good idea.

In fact, here's a recipe to make some Dinosaur Poo!

WIN: 5 Dino Eggs.

CHALLENGE: Filming - We need some shots of dinosaurs (either in costume or toys/props) in their enclosures. We also need some shots of your characters getting in and out of cars (remember seatbelts!)

WIN: 2 Dinosaur Eggs for each video!


CHALLENGE: Helicopter Co-Ordinates

Can you join-the-dots using these Helicopter Co-ordinates? If you don't have a printer you can create the Grid yourself with a ruler and pencil.

WIN: 10 Dinosaur Eggs - if the picture turns out right! (it's not easy!)

CHALLENGE: Interview a Grandparent or Elderly Relative / Neighbour

WIN: 5 Dino Eggs for Asking the Questions & 5 Dino Eggs if you get a picture doing the Interview (even if it's over the phone!)

CHALLENGE: Mosquito Video

Can you make a funny annoying Mosquito video? Have the camera person make the noise of the Mosquito.

WIN: 5 Dinosaur Eggs (Bonus 3 Eggs for the Funniest Video!)



CHALLENGE: Create a Genetics Hand Drawing

Draw around your hand on a piece of paper and then have an adult or older sibling from your family draw the outline of their hand on top of your drawing.

Decorate the picture - Jurassic Park or DNA style...

WIN: 5 Dinosaur Eggs

CHALLENGE: Create a number of cloning videos!

Say hello to the camera on a video saying your own name:

"Hello, I'm Stewart."

Then do it again, but wearing something different:

"Hello, I'm Stewart."

Then again, wearing something different:

"Hello, I'm Stewart."

Maybe change what you say next time...

"Oh, hello. I'm Stewart as well..."

Get creative and send them in to us :)

WIN: 2 Dino Eggs per video :)


CHALLENGE: Create a Theme Park

Draw a map of your own Theme Park - does it contain dinosaurs?


CHALLENGE: Fenced In! Send us a pic of you trapped behind a fence!

WIN: 3 DINO EGGS per Pic!

CHALLENGE: Send us a Brachiosaurus video (a drawing, play-doh, a toy or a costume!) First dinosaur we meet in the movie is a Brachiosaurus - we learned yesterday it's the biggest creature that ever lived on the Earth!

Can you send us a video or pic of a Brachiosaurs to put in our movie?



CHALLENGE: Review the movie, Jurassic Park


Review the movie at our Popcorn Critics: HERE


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