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Stand-Up Comedy Workshop (Age 8-11s) - with a Chance of MEATBALLS!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This Week our Age 8-11s wil be working on their own Stand-Up Comedy Routine.

For Saturday, you have to prepare 2 minutes of jokes & storytelling like a Stand-Up Comedian. We'll vote for our funniest performer!

Extra points for funniest joke about a meatball!

We'll give you some tips throughout the week and if you want to try out your jokes on us before the class we can arrange a meeting on Zoom!

Here's examples of some FUNNY Stand-Up comedians:

Ned Woodman - He's 8! - on Britain's Got Talent:

How about impressions? Can you do any? Here's our comedy actor of the Week, Bill Hader, impersonating Star Wars characters!

How about working on accents? Here's Jimmy Carr on The Graham Norton Show...

King of Comedy? Peter Kay? Going back to school after the school holidays... :)

Maybe even have a moan about adults? Here's Nick Moran moaning about children!...

So start working on your jokes and funny stories and you'll receive some MEATBALL Points for your work!

BONUS MEATBALL POINTS for any jokes/stories/character sketches with MEATBALLS in them!

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ALEXANDER'S Stand-Up Routine and feedback from guest teacher, professional comedian Kiri!

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ORSON'S Stand-Up Routine and Feedback from professional comedian,

Kiri Pritchard-McLean

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