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Shark Week - #taskmastermixup Challenge!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It's SHARK WEEK this week at Mix Up Theatre!

#taskmastermixup challenge - Draw a pic of a shark or make one and send in to us...

Tell us a SHARK FACT...

Prizes to be WON!

Shark Fact #1 - Sharks do not have bones - from Sophie

Shark Fact #2 - A baby shark is called a Pup - from Nina

Shark Fact #3 - Basking sharks eat plankton - from Saraya

Shark Fact #4 - Tonic Immobility is when a shark is turned upside down, it goes into a trance state - from Brooke

Shark Fact #5 - .....

How many Shark Facts can we come up with?


Monday 4pm - Age 5-7s - Shark Family

Monday 5pm - Age 8-11s - Shark Attack

Saturday 11am - Age 5-11s - Shark Hunt

Here's a model you can make from card...

Here's when 2 Vikings Review Films About Fish reviewed JAWS

Some pics from SHARK WEEK...

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