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SENIORS - Streaming Performances

Updated: May 5, 2021

A number of shows for Ages 12+ to stream...

First up, Police Cops...


POLICE COPS debut show; a globally-acclaimed comedy blockbuster that has enjoyed THREE sell out runs at London’s Soho Theatre and an OFFICIAL SELL OUT run at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. The 7 time award winning production has delighted audiences around the world at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Cape Town Fringe Festival and The National Arts Festival of South Africa.

PRESENT DAY (of 1976). Straight-laced rookie Police Cop Jimmy Johnson is out to avenge his brother’s death, and he’s got to go it alone! (with his partner) Teamed up with a disgraced, retired renegade named Harrison, the pair begin to unearth the soily secrets that the case holds. POLICE COPS is a cinematic joyride, speeding down Adventure Avenue in a souped-up squad car. Oh, and did I mention...the steering wheel is made out of guns.

Password: cops



Multi Award-Winning POLICE COPS highly anticipated second show POLICE COPS IN SPACE debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 and enjoyed a TOTAL SELL OUT run. The space age comedy blockbuster has received ‘across the board’ critical acclaim receiving only 4 and 5 star reviews, played to packed houses at The Cape Town Fringe Festival 2017 and transferred to London for a 2 week run at Soho Theatre. After his father is killed by an evil robot, Sammy Johnson, the last Police Cop in the universe, blasts off in an unmanned escape pod. Now on a distant planet, Sammy must team up with Alien fighter pilot Ranger and his trusty Cyborg C9 as they embark on an intergalactic adventure across the galaxy to find Earth, avenge his father and become the best damn Police Cop in space.

POLICE COPS IN SPACE is an 80’s ‘low-fi sci-fi’ set in the most dangerous place on Earth…Space.

WATCH Click Here...



Multi award winning comedy trio Police Cops bring you their brand new 90’s inspired comedy blockbuster, Badass Be Thy Name. In a gritty northern town in 1999, complete with a 90’s rave soundtrack, a kitchen sink drama turns into a vampire-slaying horror epic. Supercharged physical comedy with more vampires than you can shake a stake at, this latest hour from the acclaimed trio promises to be a rip roaring hour of raucous physical comedy.

Password: Badass


WHAT ONCE WAS OURS - Half Moon Theatre

This immersive new production has been created against the background of Brexit and developed through direct contact with young people across the country. The show uses their words and opinions to explore how politics and national values impact on the complex lives of one family.

Katie and Callum couldn’t be any more distant and disconnected: different heritage, different cities, different opportunities. Except there is one thing they’ll always have in common: Dad. What happens when Callum suddenly turns up in desperate need of help?

Beautiful imagery, striking original music and immersive design combine to create this powerful new production for young people, which asks why we’ve become so fearful of anyone who is different from us.

Password: WhatOnceWasOurs


ROMEO & JULIET - Rubbish Shakespeare Company

The first film in our Shakespeare Shorts series, Romeo and Juliet, is a cinematic version of our five star, critically acclaimed touring show that even played at the Edinburgh Fringe!

This isn’t just a recording of a stage play. This show has been shot on location and specially adapted to film. Featuring an eccentric cast, plenty of slapstick action, and a totally accessible mix of Shakespearean and modern language, this production is perfect for KS2 pupils. It will capture their imaginations - and tickle their funny bones!

Password: mixup3006

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