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Rock Painting - Mix Up Theatre Style

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

A fun, relaxing activity and you can also help advertise Mix Up Theatre!

What a fantastic idea from Hazel and Oban:

Once you've painted your rocks (it's best to use acryllic paints), add the Mix Up Theatre website on the back:

Then when you go out for your daily walk, plant the rocks somewhere for other children to find. When they look at your rock, they will know to come to Mix Up Theatre!!!

We'll give special prizes to anyone who's rock manages to bring a new student to Mix Up Theatre :)

Here's some great ideas for rock painting:

Hazel has some tips for rock painting:

My top tips are paint a light base coat first and outline pictures in black. I did a white or yellow base coat for mine and then when they dried I drew on top with sharpies.
I got fancy and varnished them with kids varnish from hobbie cradt so they won't get ruined in the rain. Also it was good to do a few at the same time, I would do a layer on one and then by the time I did that on the others the 1st was dry enough to add another colour.

If you paint some rocks send in your pics :)

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