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PLAY FOR THE DAY: The Boy Who Got Flushed Down the Toilet and Went to Hogwarts by Sandy (Age 6)

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

by Sandy Hulford (age 6) and adapted by Mix Up Theatre


[BOY standing in bathroom]

BOY: I wonder what would happen if I flush myself down the toilet?

[BOY stands in the toilet and flushes. BOY arrives in Hogwarts toilets]

BOY: Where am I?

HARRY POTTER: Excuse me, but who are you?

RON: You gave me a fright! You are in the Hogwarts bathroom!

HERMIONE: Quick, you need to leave the Troll is coming!!!!


HARRY POTTER: Get back in the toilet. Hurry!

[BOY stands in the toilet and HARRY flushes. BOY arrives back in his own bathroom]

MUM: What are you doing?

BOY: Mum! Never ever ever flush yourself down the toilet! I just went to the bathroom in Hogwarts!


MUM: Did you bring back any toilet rolls?


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HARRY POTTER and the Quest for the Toilet Roll

You can make some Harry Potter characters out of empty toilet rolls

If your kids are fans of the Harry Potter book series, then I am sure they would love to make this Harry Potter craft. Recreate the main Harry Potter characters Harry, Ron and Hermione using some toilet rolls and papers. This is so simple to make and lot of fun. They can also take it a step further and create some of their other favourite characters.

Time: 30 minutes

Age: Any Age

Level: Easy


3 Toilet rolls

Black, yellow, red, orange, brown and cream A4 papers

Black, brown, green and blue markers

Piece of cardstock




Start by covering each of the toilet roll with the cream paper.

Cut your black paper and cover from the bottom for the cloak.

Make the scarfs by weaving red and yellow paper.

Cut and glue the papers.

Cut the scarfs in desired shapes and then place around the black cloak.

Make the hair in the below pattern.

Glue the hair to the toilet roll.

Make the eyes by cutting round circle with a piece of cardboard and use markers to colour the eyes. Harry needs a bigger round to make his glasses.

Glue the eyes, draw the mouth and other features with the markers.

Your characters are ready.

Take pictures of your Harry Potter Toilet Rolls and send in to us in the FORUM

Act out Sandy's Play, using the toilet rolls - film it or take pictures and send it on to us...

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