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Mix Up Star: NOAH JUPE

Age: 17

Noah Jupe is a British actor. He is known for his roles in the television series The Night Manager (2016); the dark comedy film Suburbicon (2017); the drama film Wonder (2017); the horror film A Quiet Place (2018) and its sequel A Quiet Place Part II (2021); the sports drama film Ford v Ferrari (2019); the drama film Honey Boy (2019), for which he was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male; and the miniseries The Undoing (2020).

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ON TV FILM: Wonder (2017)

Sunday 19th March, Film4, 11:00am + Streaming on Netflix / Amazon Prime

Drama starring Julia Roberts, Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson and Jupe. Auggie, a ten-year-old boy whose face bears the marks of a genetic disorder, begins attending mainstream school for the first time, an experience which presents challenges for Auggie and his family.

Nina (Age 10) - ★★★★★

"One of my favourite movies is Wonder. It is a lovely movie about a boy called August who has been home schooled his whole life so far. But when he was ten his mum sent him to a school called Beecher Prep. When he went all the other kids stared at him and he got bullied by this boy called Julian. But he made some friends: Jack, Summer and Charlotte. At the end of the movie he makes other friends called Matt, Henry and Amos. No one wants to sit with him at lunch. But why? August was born with a disformed face. Nothing can fix it. Wonder is also a book and on the front cover it says something that his sister said to him. ‘you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out’. Wonder is a movie out on Netflix now."

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The Magician's Elephant (2023)


Daniel (Age 12) - ★★★★★

"This is an amazing film!

The acting is amazing especially Christian Bales performance as Ken Miles.

The story was great and the cinematography was perfect. The ending although sad was very impressive and well made. My favourite scene was when the Ford GT40 over took the Ferrari 330 P3.

Overall this was a perfect movie with a great story, soundtrack, writing, acting and cinematography. 6/5"


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