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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Age: 55

Birthday: 30th November

Ben Stiller is an American actor, comedian, producer, film director, and screenwriter. He is the son of the late comedians and actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.

After beginning his acting career with a play, Stiller wrote several mockumentaries and was offered his own show, titled The Ben Stiller Show, which he produced and hosted for its 13-episode run. Having previously acted in television, he began acting in films. He made his directorial debut with Reality Bites. Throughout his career he has written, starred in, directed, or produced more than 50 films including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Zoolander, The Cable Guy, the Meet the Parents trilogy, DodgeBall, the Madagascar series, and the Night at the Museum trilogy. He has also made numerous cameos in music videos, television shows, and films.

Mockumentary - A mockumentary is a movie that pretends to be a documentary. It pretends to tell a true story, but is really a work of fiction. The word is a combination of "mock" (meaning fake or false) a

nd "documentary".

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