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MACBETH - Seniors (Age 12+) - 2. Background Information

'Macbeth' is set in various parts of Scotland

Here's a plan of the important places in the play, showing where all the important action happens.

Theatre was an important form of entertainment

There was no TV, radio or internet in Shakespeare's time, so going to the theatre was really popular.

The theatre wasn't just for rich people - Shakespeare audiences included servants and labourers. Audiences could get rowdy during performances.

The poorer people in the audience stood in front of the stage - if it rained, they got wet. The richer people sat in the covered galleries above.

Shakespeare's theatre company, the King's Men (previously called the Lord Chamberlain's Men), performed in the Globe Theatre in London. This was rebuilt in 1997.

It was illegal for women to act, so the women's parts were played by young boys (even Lady Macbeth...).


ACT 1 Scene 2

Act 1 Scene 2
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Alarum trumpet call to battle

broil battle

nave to th’chaps navel to the jaws

surveying vantage seeing an opportunity

furbished polished, cleaned


composition a peace treaty

deign permit

bosom interest heartfelt concerns

present immediate

CAST - Lines to Learn



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