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MACBETH - Seniors (Age 12+) - 3. Who's Who in 'Macbeth'

Macbeth... an ambitious Scottish nobleman. He murders the King of Scotland and takes his place.

Lady Macbeth... Macbeth's wife. She persuades Macbeth to kill the King. She eventually goes mad and kills herself.

Duncan... the King of Scotland at the start of the play. Macbeth murders him.

Malcolm... Duncan's son. He flees after Duncan's murder, and becomes King at the end of the play.

Macduff... a noble soldier. He doesn't trust Macbeth and eventually kills him.

Lady Macduff... Macduff's wife. Macbeth has her and her children murdered.

Banquo... a brave soldier and nobleman. He's friends with Macbeth but Macbeth has him killed.

Three Witches...

...are evil supernatural beings who can predict the future. Their leader is called Hecate.


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