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Loud Poets - Return to Form: Univocal Poetry

Loud Poets have a series of pre-recorded Poetry workshops free online. We will highlight one each week - have a go at trying out a different form of poetry yourself with the accompanying workshop video by Dr. Katie Ailes. Feel free to share your work with us and get some feedback from the Loud Poets team themselves.



In univocal poetry, the poet chooses a single vowel then can only use words with that vowel throughout the entire piece. This is one of the trickiest poetic styles out there! Fortunately, we have challenged two incredible poets.

We’re so excited to see what Jo Gilbert and Courtney Stoddart do with their univocals in ‘E’

How to write Univocal Poetry...

Have a go and share your work with us? Write in the comments below or e-mail to:


Back at the start of lockdown, we piloted two episodes of a new poetry film concept that we wanted to experiment with. Since then we’ve been working to ensure that we could push the creative scope of the project and include some of our favourite spoken word poets in a full version of the series.

Now with the financial support provided by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland we get to do exactly that with: Loud Poets: Return To Form

We’re pairing up ten of our favourite spoken word artists and challenging each pair to create separate, brand new work in the same poetic form inspired by the same prompt.

These poems will be brought to life visually by our amazing cinematography and editing team. Plus, each set of poems will be accompanied by a workshop video facilitated by Dr Katie Ailes guiding you through how to write in this form. All of this will be released for free through our YouTube channel.


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