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Gallery REVIEW: Grayson Perry - Smash Hits - ★★★★★

This summer, come and see the biggest ever exhibition of Sir Grayson Perry's work, covering his 40-year career. Perry has gone from taking pottery evening classes to winning the Turner Prize, presenting television programmes on Channel 4 and writing acclaimed books. Pottery allowed him the opportunity to indulge his fascination with sex, Punk, and counterculture, amongst other things, in the most unlikely and polite of artforms. Today he is one of Britain's most celebrated artists and cultural figures.

Popular and provocative, Perry makes art that deals with difficult and complex ideas in an accessible and often funny way. He loves taking on big issues that are universally human: masculinity, sexuality, class, religion, politics and more. On view will be subversive pots, brilliantly intricate prints, elaborate sculptures, and huge, captivating tapestries - all imbued with Perry's sharp wit and social commentary. Working with traditional artforms, Perry addresses the controversial issues of our times.

"One of my favourite exhibitions I’ve ever been to." Frank Skinner, Absolute Radio

The exhibition contains language and imagery that explore themes including sex, violence and identity. Some visitors may find this challenging.



National Galleries of Scotland - until 12th November



Archie (Age 11) - ★★★★★

Archie loved the Grayson Perry exhibition. It was huge with tapestries, pottery and sketch books. There was a lot to see - he liked the tapestries best because there was a lot on them and they were so finely sown. I liked the ceramics becuase the images were in 3D. There was a lot to see in the art works with stories of modern day life and logos of well known brands (Archie thought it was product placement at first).

Mum - I thought it was a satirical comment on modern society and found a lot challenging (in a good way).


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