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Gallery REVIEW: Andy Warhol: The Textiles - ★★★★

Dovecot Studios will showcase the first exhibition in Scotland exclusively dedicated to the commercial textile designs of pop artist and icon Andy Warhol.

Leading figure of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol’s swiftly successful career began in commercial and advertising art during the 1950s and early 1960s. At this time, Warhol’s output was almost entirely devoted to realising the demands and deadlines of professional clients, such as Glamour magazine where he undertook his first commission.

Andy Warhol: The Textiles will take you on a journey through the unknown and unrecorded world of designs by the influential artist before his Silver Factory days. Showcasing over 35 of Warhol’s textile patterns from the period, depicting an array of colourful objects; ice cream sundaes, delicious toffee apples, colourful buttons, cut lemons, pretzels, and jumping clowns, this exhibition demonstrates how textile and fashion design was a crucial stage in Warhol becoming one of the most iconic artists of the twentieth century.



Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh - until 18th May 2024



Stewart - ★★★★

"There's a fascinating and unique opportunity in Edinburgh right now to catch some of the early work of the enigmatic artist Andy Warhol with his textile designs. Displaying a variety of patterns Warhol created during the 1950s/1960s it may be very time capsule fashion focused and is an intriguing snapshot of time and place. If the designs sometimes feel a little simple it more often teases and hints at the later Pop Art movment that followed shortly after, including some of my favourites in the piece - the ice cream / desserts designs.

Another of my favoruites is the clowns, thought it feels a little more cartoon-like, almost Quentin Blake and is not necessarily a piece you would consider to be Warhol.

Considering Warhol is not as well known for these pieces, it's a real unique curio here and is not to be missed. As always Dovecot has a great layout and plenty of great buys in the shop afterwards (just purchased the massive Andy Warhol diaries to keep me going!) and its always great to take a visit to their balcony if it's opened at the time of your visit (at no extra cost) to see, in person, what our local textile artists are working on."


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