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Fringe REVIEW: Bromance - ★★★★★

Updated: Aug 24, 2021


Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus

Age: 3+

Venue: Assembly George Square Gardens

Dates: until 29th August, 3:00pm

Mix Up Theatre Reviews: ★★★★★

International award-winning smash-hit Bromance is back! Five-star circus about camaraderie and affection. Audacious, touching, exhilarating tour de force of physical heroics where handshakes become handstands and backslaps become backflips. Among the UK's hottest circus companies, Barely Methodical Troupe are at the forefront of a new kind of physical performance, creating highly entertaining shows that mix the show-stopping acrobatics of circus with the emotional punch of theatre. Winners of 2013 Circus Maximus Award; 2014 Total Theatre and Jackson's Lane Award for Circus. 'Astonishing' **** (Time Out). 'A wonder to behold' **** (Metro). 'Jaw-droppingly magnificent show...' (Stage).

Cameron - ★★★★★

“Bromance is a surreal performance. With raw talent, extreme acrobatics and moments of

emotion left so minimal it leaves the audience to make what they want of it. The show

covers ideas and themes of brotherhood and homosexuality with humorous moments that

are relatable to just about any man in the audience providing a deeper connection and

moments of comic relief. The show captures the beauty of ‘less is more’ with several

moments of silence leaving the viewer with just their minds to decide how to react; very

clever. With very methodical pacing, the action is broken up with calm minutes of dialogue

which gives the audience a breather before that same breath is taken away again by

another butt clenching stunt."

Eugene - ★★★★★

“Inspiring, impressive, and oddly hilarious. The incredibly choreographed acrobatics mixed with the entertaining and unique mostly nonverbal storytelling led to an all-round great experience with lots of laughs and time spent on the edge of my seat. Overall great show and kind cast which all bring different elements of character into the show."

Kenny - ★★★★★

“Cleverly done, technically brilliant the stunts were great all the while telling the story without any words. Really enjoyed this show and would not hesitate to recommend to others."

Theo - ★★★★

"I was really impressed by all the stunts performed by all the guys. I felt that extra tension as it was performed in a tent where the audience were closer to the performers. The show was also a lot funnier than I predicted which I enjoyed. I liked how there was minimal dialogue and shows that an actor can use more than words to express emotions or tell a story.

One small thing I have about the show was I felt like a couple of the segments went on for a bit too long.

Overall the show was really enjoyable and entertaining and would recommend to a friend."

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