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FILM: How to Train Your Dragon: The Mix Up Theatre Version

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Our Summer Online students have been filming their version of How to Train Your Dragon with extra characters:

Here's the film in 4 Chapters:

CHAPTER ONE - Dragons in the Night


CHAPTER TWO - How to Train a Dragon

CHAPTER THREE - Dragon Island

CHAPTER FOUR - A Good Viking


Hiccup - Louis Bath

Stoick / PanHead - Alexander Hulton

Astrid / Helga the Shieldsmaiden - Layla Greenslade

Toothless - Eddie Bath

The Red Death / Erik Fishbone - Daniel Jordan

Lacey Lightkiller - Saraya Mednum

Freda the Young - Erynn Purdy

Freda Bloodhand - Neave Cameron

Deadwing the Dragon Hunter - Harry Lonsdale

Jade the Dragon Trainer - Sara Brown

SwordSpoon - Lorcan Cronin

TeaSpoon Pancakes - Oran Cronin

Magnus the First - Magnus McWalter

The Fire Terror Dragon - Erin Jones

The Flame Whipper Dragon - Mady Bell

Frank the Zombie Viking Guard - Billy Paterson

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