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Festival REVIEW: Edinburgh Science Festival - ★★★

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

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Hands-on science for families in venues across the city with a programme ranging from the entertaining to the controversial and, of course, the icky.




Various Venues & Online


Saturday 26th June - Sunday 11th July



Overall (only from what we've seen so far!!!)



Georgie (Age 5)

I like this show and peoples ideas of what they made, I would invent a frying pan to make your cup of tea hot if it went cold, stick it on and it will heat it back up, Like the man has a fan to cool his down I would make it hot again. His shoes to tell you where to go where great.

Wild Vets (Online) - ★★★★

It was awesome I learned about beavers and how they make dams I also learned about other animals and where they live, I liked closing my eyes like the man said and thinking of a habitat then drawing it, I drew my forest with lots of big trees and a giant came down, I thought the man ate real poo but he made it with real food and i didn't know.


Human Nature (Exhibition) - ★★★★★

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures on porty prom my favourite picture was the bees and the bee keeper, but there was loads of nice pictures like turtles and people and someone stuck climbing in the ice.

Georgie's Mum:

Very good exhibition lovely to see some local pictures featured, the information provided isn't too wordy and the it leads to loads of different conversations and leaves room for many questions to be asked from the children. bonus its on the beach where you can play in the sand, water or play park and grab a nice bite to eat or have a picnic 5* from us



Human Nature (★★★★) is an outdoor exhibition that takes place at Portobello Promenade. The exhibit has beautiful images from around the world with a focus on the human connection with nature. Be that, positive or negative, it's a powerful exhibit which has a unique atmosphere due to the location. It's a jarring yet somewhat mystical way to see the world with the backdrop of Portobello beach in the corner of your eye.

The festival has a lot of online content this year due to the pandemic which also makes it more accessible for anyone which is always a good thing!

Amongst the offerings are Strange Science with George Zaidan (★★★), Zaidan breaks down everyday objects and foods like hand sanitiser, lipstick and peanut butter and tries to make his own using the ingredients. The films have a nice easy going feel with Pixar like musical accompaniment and animated backgrounds. If you are into Chemistry then you may add a star or two to the rating.

Meanwhile Very Short Introductions (★★) certainly lives up to it's title. Three academic authors do a quick introduction to their books, from Viruses, and Dementia to Forensics. The videos are only 5 minutes long and really are just there to advertise the books. You won't really learn much here however you might be inspired to buy a book (I did!)

Deep Time Walk (★★) with Dynamic Earth is a big disappointment. The trail is advertised as a walk through the creation of the Earth to present day and the route is a 4.6 km walk from the Dynamic Earth building around Arthur's Seat and the surroundings and back. You have to download an app which is a conversation between a scientist and a fool which takes us on this journey.

The disappointment came after 20 minutes of trying to read the vague map provided by Dynamic Earth and realising that the app has nothing to do with the route that is created for you. Nothing links between the route and the app and I was finished the walk half an hour before the app reached it's conclusion (I listened to the end in the car!)

However there's a nice couple of moments, listening to boiling lava bubbling away as you walk past the epic scenery of the Crags.

So here's some nice pics anyway...

Dynamic Earth also has an Urban Fossil Detective trail which looking online is even more vague than the route they planned for this walk, so I'll give it a miss!


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