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Dance REVIEW: Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty - ★★★★★

Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty reawakens, celebrating 10 years since its premiere, when it became the fastest selling production in the company’s history.

Now established as a firm favourite in the New Adventures repertoire, the award-winning Sleeping Beauty has enchanted international audiences throughout the UK and across the globe.

Enter a wondrous world of magical fairies and vampires, where the timeless tale of good vs evil is turned upside-down, creating a supernatural love story that even the passage of time itself cannot hinder. Will Princess Aurora ever find her true love again?

With an unforgettable score by Tchaikovsky, sumptuous sets and costumes, evocative lighting and masterly storytelling, the beloved fairy tale is brought to life by the uniquely talented New Adventures company. Get ready to be transported in time from the halcyon days of the late Edwardian era through to the modern-day in this dazzling gothic romance.

The production won three Los Angeles Drama Critic Awards and the Ovation Award for Best Production.



Festival Theatre, until 15th April


Sophie (Age 10) - ★★★★★

"Matthew Bournes Sleeping beauty was amazing! My favourite part was the puppetry of the baby Aurora. I have no clue how to describe how much I loved it! It made it look like a real baby! The costumes and sets were perfectly designed to match each scene . The dancing was magical and special. having listened to snippets of the ballet it was incredible to hear the whole thing! You don't have to like ballet to like this! I rate it 5stars out of 5!"


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