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Dance REVIEW: Lost Movement - A Triple Bill - ★★★★★

This spring, join an evening of fast paced, breathtaking contemporary dance. Award winning Italian company Lost Movement presents a triple bill of new work under the artistic direction of Nicolò Abbattista and Christian Consalvo. This showcase will feature; Teseo O and POPoff and transport audiences on a journey through movement, music and incredible physicality.

Age Guidance: 16+

Nudity features heavily in this show.



The Studio (Festival Theatre), Edinburgh - Friday 28th & Saturday 29th April


Stewart - ★★★★★

"This is a wonderful opportunity to catch this vibrant dance company from Italy. Showcasing three of their repetoire pieces, the Studio in Edinburgh is taken on quite a journey throughout the evening.

First up, is the more challenging of the three pieces, "Teseo" - a lone dancer takes the lead here in a physically outstanding display of technique. The storytelling is a little more confusing however and even reading the synopsis on the accompanying handout still left me a little lost. 'A metaphysical paradox of identity' based on the hero Theseus and his ship. Didn't get any of that to be honest but what's special about contemporary dance is that it can be interpreted on many different levels so the story that I could take from Enrico Lucy's powerful performance will differ from any other individual, there's no denying the talent on display however.

The second piece, "O", is just outstanding. Following two footballers who fall in love, explore their sexuality and identity whilst still facing the challenges of a heterosexual expectation pinned on them from their sport. Its unflinching, raw, romantic, and doesn't shy away from the sexuality of the piece. The two dancers, Giole Cosentino & Manolo Perazzi give tremendous performances here in a very demanding piece. Watching two beautiful men flirt, fight, fall in love, explore each other and indeed play football gives a very intimate and moving look into a relationship. An unforgettable piece which is sadly still very relevant today due to the lack of role models in the sport for young gay men.

The final piece "POPoff" is an invigorating display of a what appears to be a small town's rituals of work, food and family. There's a larger cast here in this busy environment and it's beautifully and meticulously crafted. There's darkness lurking in there as well as old school values give a somewhat sinister edge prevailent in an uncomfortable dinner table scene. However there is joy as well as the people of the town come to a bombastic celebration of their work with flour thrown and sprayed around the stage in a fun finale which leaves quite a bit to tidy up!

Lost Movement certainly are a dance company worth following, there's a vivacious rawness to the work shown in this showcase and it's wonderful to have them in Edinburgh this weekend. Don't miss them!"


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