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Dance REVIEW: Ballet Black: Pioneers - ★★★★★

Now in their 21st year, Cassa Pancho’s Ballet Black is excited to present award-winning choreographers, Will Tuckett and Mthuthuzeli November in a double bill of new and original work in Ballet Black: Pioneers.

Will Tuckett's Then Or Now, originally created in 2020, blends classical ballet, music and the poetry of Adrienne Rich to ask the question: in times like these, where do we each belong?

…the piece feels above all like a call for respect across any and all divides.” The Telegraph, 2021

The second piece on the bill is devised by award-winning choreographer, Mthuthuzeli November. Nina: By Whatever Means, is inspired by the artistry and activism of Nina Simone. November weaves a skilful picture of Simone’s turbulent and influential life to take us on an emotional and empowering journey.



Wednesday 28th June, Festival Theatre Edinburgh


Hollye (Age 13) - ★★★★★

"I thought it was AMAZING. The first half was mainly people dancing to poetry and using chairs as their only props, which was great. But,the second half was so fantastic, it was based around Nina Simone's life and there was amazing upbeat music which made it so fun and everyone was clapping along so the atmosphere was great. I have never seen a ballet like that before and I don't think I will again"


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