Creative Writing: Plot - Lesson 6: Action scenes

Updated: Jun 23

Action scenes

There is often plenty of action in the middle of the story. Action scenes are written with lots of different verbs, or doing words.

Stewart, Myles, Orson, Alexander, Sara, Mylo, Struan, Neave, Megan, Holly and Saraya work through the first section of the lesson here:

Carefully chosen verbs can make an action scene more exciting.

What exciting verbs could you use in a chase scene?

  1. hurrying

  2. ...

  3. ...

  4. ...

  5. ...

  6. ...

  7. ...

  8. ...

Imagine the hero of your story is being chased. Write a description of what happens, and use some of the exciting verbs you thought of above.

You can create excitement by repeating words or phrases, too.

Imagine you hero is sneaking past a sleeping guard.

Use words or phrases to capture the excitement.

Some ideas:
slowly, slowly

centimetre by centimetre

carefully, ever so carefully

softly, softly

nearer and nearer

closer and closer

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