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Creative Writing: Plot - Lesson 2: Plot types

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Stewart, Nina, Myles, Sophie, Isabella & Emily work through Lesson 2.

Plot types

There are lots of different types of story, from funny stories and adventure stories, to mystery stories and sad stories.

Different types of stories have different sorts of plots, but most stories have:

  • a beginning, to introduce the characters and set the scene.

  • a middle, where different things happen to the characters.

  • an end, where we find out how things turn out for the characters.


Use the story machine to think of some new plots. You can use your own characters and plot ideas also. Start by choosing a character...

wants to find food for
wants to hide
wants to escape from
wants to defeat
wants to be
wants to be friends with
wants to hide from


Use the Story Machine to choose a character and plot idea.

Write down your idea.


In many stories, there is one big problem that the hero has to overcome.

What big problem could your hero have? How will they solve it?



Big Problem:



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