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Comedy REVIEW: People Huv Tae Know - ★★★★★

An Audience with Gavin Mitchell, Paul Riley, Sanjeev Kohli, Jane McCarry and Mark Cox.

Craiglang’s Boabby, Winston, Navid, Isa and Tam first graced our television screens twenty years ago! ... Join the faces behind the make-up as the five friends get together on stage to celebrate and share memories of Scotland’s award-winning comedy Still Game.

Prizes will be awarded to the Best Dressed!



Edinburgh Playhouse - Wednesday 13th September

Perth Concert Hall - Friday 22nd September


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"“People Huv Tae Know” is a must-see show for any fans of the popular Scottish comedy Still Game. Taking the form of “An Evening With…”, the evening provided an in-depth insight into what it was like to work on the BBC Scotland classic from some of Craiglang’s finest.

The absence of Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill (the iconic duo Jack and Victor) is quickly forgotten as Jane McCarry (Isa), Sanjeev Kohli (Navid), Paul Riley (Winston), Mark Cox (Tam) and Gavin Mitchell (Boaby) entertain the audience with anecdotes about their time working with the Still Game creators on the show, as well as some of the antics behind the scenes – including a particular incident involving Mark and Jane in full costume at a popular high street chemists.

In addition to the 5 headliners, there were also guest appearances from Matt Costello (Stevie the Bookie) and Lynne McCallum (Peggy McAlpine).

The night was free flowing and relaxed, with a charity raffle and audience costume competition forming part of the evening’s entertainment. The bulk of the evening saw the panel being asked questions – both predetermined and from the audience – about their time working on Still Game and its predecessor, Chewin’ The Fat.

All in all, an entertaining and relaxed evening, with plenty of laughs and reminiscing."

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