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Best British Cartoon?

What's the best British cartoon? The BBC 'wants to create Britain's answer to The Simpsons' in bid to end dominance of US cartoons and win back viewers from Disney+ and Netflix.

The BBC wants to produce cartoons that could act as a British challenger to American animation The Simpsons, a senior executive has said.

The broadcaster's director of children's and education, Patricia Hidalgo, is leading the investment drive into developing British cartoons for children aged seven to 12.

She said it would be 'amazing' if the broadcaster could develop a cartoon that would rival the success of The Simpsons, a US series which launched in 1989 and has since broadcast almost 700 episodes.

The drive is indicative of the BBC's hopes to end the dominance of US cartoons, with Ms. Hidalgo claiming American shows prevent British children from absorbing their own culture.

'What I think we can do is set our characters in a British setting, or at least European... What about roast beef instead of turkey?' she told The Times.

She added: 'Children grow up with these cultures. Why not infuse more of our culture?'

So what do you think is the Best British Cartoon?

What did we miss? Let us know in the Comments below...

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