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Theatre REVIEW: You Bury Me - ★★★★

By Ahlam, directed by Katie Posner

"Only Cairo, eh? Only Cairo will push you to your absolute limits and then suddenly… you’re in love. You’re in love and you’re entangled and stuck. How does this city do that?"

This story is about a city. A city of exhaust fumes, drunken phone calls, first kisses, hysteria, sweat and laughter. Cairo. Coming of age in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, six young Egyptians navigate friendship, loss and secret Grindr dates in the city that made them. Winner of The Women’s Prize for Playwriting 2020, You Bury Me is an explosive, political debut from Ahlam about a generation emerging from a national trauma, determined to live and love freely. Paines Plough, The Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, The Women's Prize for Playwriting, 45North and Orange Tree Theatre co-production, in association with Bristol Old Vic.



Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh - until 18th March


Stewart - ★★★★

"A moving tale of young lives in a city that isn't allowing them to flourish. This energetic, thoughtful and engaging piece has an important message to tell and does so with vigour. The play starts a little brash, fast moving and bombarding the audience with information and introductions that would be a bit more suited to a theatre-in-education setting but once the dust settles and the edges soften, we get to meet the characters and their stories. This is when things really start to deepen, about the time a Nina Simone song makes an appearance. The 6 cast members are a strong group and the stories of love and politics is heartbreaking and at times quite hilarious. It's an unforgettable piece of theatre and its voice will resonate with many."


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