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Theatre REVIEW: The Problem with Pink - ★★★★

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The problem with pink is that it’s everywhere! So if pink is just for girls, things might get complicated. That’s the topic that divides a group of four happily rambunctious friends who previously had never known a moment of worry in their cozy and... pink play space! When a fear of judgment creeps into their world, division and mistrust take hold. If the colour pink is only for girls, how will this change the world in which they live and play?

This exhilarating dance drama gives children a space to reflect on clichés and imagine the future with boldness, brightness and freedom.

“This work is daringly questioning and couldn’t be more current and relevant.” Monthéâatre

Le Petit Theatre de Sherbrooke and La parenthese

Canada and France



Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre, Friday 2nd June - Part of Imaginate Festival


Ben (Age 8) - ★★★★

"It was good and I liked it but there was too much pink! maybe the plants could have been red or purple. My favorite part in it was when each one of them just went off stage, 5 seconds later, they run back on, 5 seconds later the next one does it and so on. It was funny."

Nina (Age 10) - ★★★★

"This show was very bright and colourful. it had jumping about a lot and was a bit bonkers and it had a lot of pink. it was quite a dramatic at points and it was quite loud as well. and it was a funny and nice show and I really enjoyed it."


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