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Theatre REVIEW: Sheila's Island - ★★★★

A Comedy in Thick Fog

The Office meets Lord of the Flies meets Miranda.

Sheila's Island

An Yvonne Arnaud Theatre production

By Tim Firth

Bonfire night 2019 and Sheila, Denise, Julie, and Fay are Team C in Pennine Mineral Water Ltd.’s annual outward bound team-building weekend. Somehow, Marketing Manager Sheila has been nominated team leader, and, using her cryptic crossword solving skills, has unwittingly stranded her team on an island in the Lake District.

As the mobile batteries die, and cold and hunger, take over, our intrepid heroines find themselves called on to manufacture escape routes using cable ties and spatulas, and create a rescue flag with plastic plates and a toasting fork.

Questions are asked; truths are told; dirty washing is aired. Can Sheila keep tempers from fraying, nails from breaking and get her band of top level executives safely back to shore? Is it possible to build an adequate night shelter with a prom dress and a sleeveless jumper? Is there an ‘I’ in Team? And do endless verses of Kumbaya really keep up spirits?

What is Julie’s husband really up to in Aldi? What is it that should be never be mentioned to Fay? And why are they on this bloody team building exercise when they could be at a spa? ‘It appears Fay is in some state of undress…she’s sitting in a tree, she’s got an eighteen inch knife and she’s singing the first line from Oklahoma!’

Sheila’s Island is a sparkling, sharp-witted new comedy from writer Tim Firth (Calendar Girls, Kinky Boots, The Band); starring Sara Crowe (Four Weddings and a Funeral) as Fay and Judy Flynn (The Brittas Empire, Dinnerladies) as Sheila.

An Yvonne Arnaud Theatre production

By Tim Firth



King's Theatre, Edinburgh


Until Saturday 5th March - part of the UK Tour

Age 13+



Tuesday 1st March - Lily-Rose

Lily-Rose (Age 16) - ★★★★

"Sheilas Island starts with in disaster when four female, middle age, middle class executive on a team building activity weekend crash their boat and get stranded on an island.

Throughout the play we learn more about each of the characters and see them try to work together to find a way back of the island which resulted in conflict, and even more disaster. As the play unfolds the humour and the sadness increases in equal measures.

I think it was very impressive that Tracy Collier was the only understudy for all four characters and stepped in to play Julie for the evening.

A great show with many laughs."


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