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Theatre REVIEW: Orphans - ★★★★★

A New Scottish Musical.

Glasgow, 1998, one hell of a storm is ripping through the city. The Flynn siblings just need to survive the night and make it to their mother's funeral in the morning.

Orphans is a darkly comic musical about family, grief and forgiveness. Don’t miss this stage adaption of the multi-award-winning cult film by Peter Mullan (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, War Horse, Hercules), directed by Scottish theatre legend Cora Bissett (Adam, Glasgow Girls, What Girls Are Made Of) and ingeniously adapted by Douglas Maxwell (Yer Granny, The Whip Hand, Decky Does a Bronco).

With raucous and heartfelt music and lyrics by Emmy award-winning, Scottish composing team Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly (Anna And The Apocalypse, Steven Spielberg’s Animaniacs, Our Ladies).

A National Theatre of Scotland production.

Based on the Film Orphans written and directed by Peter Mullan © Channel Four Television Corporation and the Glasgow Film Fund 1997.

Thomas won’t leave the church. Michael is bleeding out and roaming the streets. John has a gun and a taste for revenge. And Sheila can’t wait to live life on her own terms. But things like this bring a family together, right?



King's Theatre, Edinburgh

until 16th April - Part of UK Tour



Theo (Age 17) - ★★★★★

"Orphans is an exciting engaging emotional rollercoaster of a musical. It can mix different tones very well without it seeming jarring. The songs were very creatively done. For example at the fair scene, the instrumental for the song was the loud obnoxious dance music you hear at fun fairs. The sets were also very exciting and creative. Would definitely recommend."

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