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Theatre REVIEW: An Edinburgh Christmas Carol - ★★★★★

Adapted by Tony Cownie From the novel by Charles Dickens

“Humbug! You think I have nothing better to do with my money than squander it on that manky halfwit dog!”

Edinburgh folklore tells us that when Charles Dickens was visiting the city on a reading tour, a stroll through a kirkyard brought him to the tombstone of one Ebenezer Scroggie, inspiration struck and A Christmas Carol was born.

Writer and director Tony Cownie (The Venetian Twins, The Belle’s Stratagem) brings this famous festive story back to the city of its birth with a guest appearance from Edinburgh’s best-loved Victorian – Greyfriars Bobby! Join us on the snowy streets of the Old Town for a festive comedy as we revisit this celebrated Christmas tale of a miser redeemed.

A Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh production.



Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh until 31st December


Archie (Age 10) & Maddie (Age 8) - ★★★★★

"We loved this show and give it 5 stars. It was set in Edinburgh and Greyfriars Bobby had a starring role! Archie liked it when he ran off with the link sausages.

The costumes were excellent. And there were some really funny parts - Charlie's poodle joke was great. We liked the sets and backdrop of the castle. And it was good hearing Scottish accents. It snows on the audience at the end."


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