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SUMMER ONLINE: Make a Wonka Bar

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Here's the video from yesterday's class if you would like to make your Wonka bar and Golden Ticket...

Step 1 - Put your box on your card paper / card and draw around

So that your ticket will be the right size. Then cut out

Trim to fit in if it is too big

Step 2 - Colour in your "golden" ticket

it could be yellow or even another colour!!

Step 3 - Decorate your ticket

For making the bar

Wrap tinfoil all around the box and cut it to fit the shape

Glue down the foil to the box - put glue on the box. leave the top and bottom edges for putting the ticket in and out

Making a label!

Using a piece of paper cut it to fit around the tinfoil box... leaving a little bit off the ends to show the foil

Make a mark on the paper so you know which will be the top and end of the label. Put the label flat on your work surgace Decorate the label with WONKA in funky letters and colours

You could do another label for the back listing ingredients!

Last step - wrap the paper label around the box and glue.





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