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SUMMER CAMP - Greek Myths & Legends - Hercules

We'll be devising our own show based on Greek Myths & Legends....


One of the greatest legends of all was that of HERAKLES - known to the Romans as HERCULES. He was one of the many children of the king of the gods, Zeus (no pressure), although his mum was a regular human.

Herakles started young. As a baby he STRANGLED TWO SNAKES with his BARE HANDS. But hey, who HASN'T strangled two snakes with their bare hands when they were a baby, right?

When he grew up he performed 12 tasks - also knows as "labours" - for a king called Eurystheus, including slaying A NINE-HEADED WATER SERPENT, kidnapping a terrifying THREE-HEADED DOG THING that guarded the underworld, and stealing some APPLES (which was harder that it sounds).


Please note that just because Herakles became a legend for swiping fruit that doesn't mean you should. If you want a banana, buy one. Got it?

What will we do with this story? Make sure you have booked in for SUMMER CAMP

Want to see more about Hercules then check out...


Hercules (2005) (Age 12A)

This two episode mini-series is a live action take on the Greek legend.


FILM: Hercules (1997)

Disney's take on the Hercules legend, perfect viewing before Summer Camp!


Make sure you have booked in for SUMMER CAMP

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