I scurry and I'm often in a Hurry! Looking for good nuts! Will you be a bad one tomorrow?!

Want to make a Squirrel Rod Puppet? Things are about to start getting nutty around the Chocolate Factory!

Come join Big Debz and Little Debz from How it felt and Mix Up Theatre tomorrow 22nd of July 11.00am - 12.00pm on how to make your own Squirrel Rod Puppet!

To book https://www.mixuptheatre.com/book-online

What your going to need for your Squirrel Puppet: Plain card paper or colored card (could be thin cardboard from a cereal box) Coloring pencils & pens Colourful tissue paper/furry material cotton wool Popsicle sticks Tape Glue stick Scissors Optional : Googley eyes And maybe some nuts!

Can't wait to see your Squirrel friends!

To book https://www.mixuptheatre.com/book-online

Any questions please get in touch Tel: +447720861796 Email: info@mixuptheatre.com Email: contact@howitfelt.co.uk Tel:07913919299

In the meantime you can check us out online #hifcraft https://www.facebook.com/HowItFelt/ https://www.youtube.com/user/howitfelt/@howitfelt_littledebz https://twitter.com/MarkandDebz

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