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Fuzzy Finger Crafts: How to Make a Dragon Puppet

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Thanks for being patient guys ❤️ Heres How it felts next fuzzy finger crafts video this week #hifcrafts Little Mark and Big Debz show you guys how to make a Dragon Puppet. 🐉 Your gonna need some cookies for this one! (Watch till the end to find out why) 🍪

Have you guys tried making any of the puppets in our videos? please share! More fuzzy friends in the world is always a good thing 😁

What you'll need:

Egg carton box

Coloured felt tip pens

Coloured paper/card

Tissue Paper

Masking tape

Double sided sticky tape

Glue stick

Pingpong balls


Cookies! (You'll find out why in the video)

Please feel free to share your own Dragon friend!

‘How It Felt’ Contact:

Number: 07913919299

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