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Fringe REVIEW: Scherzo - ★★★★

Spirit of the Fringe Award winner Släpstick is back. Bringing their unique brand of mischief to Schërzo, a clown-esque concerto for the ages where a seemingly highbrow classical concert glissandos into a bacchanal of comical mishaps and absurdity. Neither floppy-wigged composers nor their magnum opus are safe from this Släpstick buffoonery. It's Chaplin meets Tchaikovsky, Buster versus Bernstein, and Groucho Marx does Mozart, all rolled up into one raucous show! Internationally renowned Släpstick presents Schërzo, a performance of classical music as you've never experienced it before. Language no problem.

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (Musical Comedy / Family-Friendly)




Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance Beyond


until 28th August, 15:10

Age? 8+



Stewart - ★★★★

"The appropriately named Slapstick provide plenty of laughs and musical talent in this quirky comedy that provides excellent afternoon entertainment at the festival. This is one of those shows that will appeal to all age groups as the comedy is very visual, is suitably daft at times and is extremely slick in its execution.

The company are singers/musicians who use classical music as inspiration for some inspired comedic vignettes. Whilst there is maybe the occasional lull it's fast paced enough to pick up to the next inspired segment - my favourite being the mirroring sequence - so funny and so well done. If you have a child and/or a grandparent that needs entertained - it would be worth buying a ticket for this one!"

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