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Here's a quick run-down of everything else we've caught at the festival!


Dizney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody

Cabaret and Variety (Musical Comedy)

Age 18+

18:30 - Gilded Balloon


"Rude, crude and very, very funny. This drag show is the perfect one to catch if you're on a night out and looking for a laugh. The performers are all excellent."


Tarot: Work in Progress

Comedy (Sketch Show, Work in Progress)

Age 16+

12:45 - Monkey Barrel Comedy - Monkey Barrel 4


"The Tarot sketch show act is having a bit of a try out of their new material this year. When the sketches are this hilarious already it could have been a full show! Cast are game as always and the hitchhiker sketch is a favourite."


Paul Currie: Shtoom

Comedy (Alternative Comedy, Clown)

Age 14+

21:00 - Just the Tonic at the Caves - Just the Big Room


"Currie's unique blend of wild clowning and physical comedy is back for another year at the festival. Might not win over too many new fans if not convinced (my mate wasn't) however I still love it! It's a wild hour so hold on!"


The Real William Shakespeare... As Told by Christopher Marlowe

Theatre (LGBTQ+, Historical)

Age 12+

13:50 - Greenside@Riddles Court


"A very interesting take on the theories surrounding Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Nicholas Thorne is excellent in the lead as the charismatic Marlowe. However the script often gets a little lost in it's ability to convey historical information and character work in an entertaining format and therefore sometimes feels a little strained. Still the whole production should be commended including some excellent costume design."



Theatre (New Writing, Contemporary)

Age 16+

15:30 - Summerhall - Cairns Lecture Theatre


"The two actors leading this production are excellent however in the telling of two boys coming to terms with their sexuality the script takes a bit of a dark turn. The cathartic denouement for me was not enough to justify the unpleasantness that preceeded it (the play is 75 minutes long). The writing sometimes also felt a little contrived despite the raw and energetic performances. A play that can be respected and appreciated more than it can be enjoyed. The shock value just jarred for me but I understand why the play has picked up a lot of good reviews elsewhere."


What else?...

Charlie Caper: Magical - ★★★

Caper's set-up on the afternoon we watched was plagued by a technical malfunction, which then preceeded to have the magician somewhat flustered for the rest of the show. A few tricks fell flat. If you saw him last year then there's nothing new here but if you are yet to catch Caper then definitely still worth coming along. It is a free show as well.


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