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Film REVIEW #TaiwanFFE: Growing Pains (2020) - ★★★★

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Director: Po Yu-Lin

Starring: Chen Yi-Wen

Genre: Short, Drama

Growing Pains is a film based on a true story from the director's past. Fourteen-year-old Yao is sick of his worn-out shoes, which his father never replace for being too deep in debt. One day, after a confrontation with debt collectors, his father suddenly buys him a pair of expensive sneakers. Little did Yao know, this is the start of a painful tragedy.


Stewart - ★★★★

"A quietly effective little short film as we follow the plight of a teenage boy who loves running but the life of poverty he lives with his father takes it's toll. For such a short film there's an air of melancholy and a life lived within the setting and the good work from the two actors. Not necessarily an uplifting piece, but an evocative little insight into the lives of our characters reminiscent of works of Wong Kar-Wai. An intriguing little character piece, I hope the young actor continues to get some work in film also."

Have you seen it?

We caught Growing Pains at the Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh

Growing Pains is playing as a double bill with Increasing Echo - Tuesday 18th October, 7:30pm at Everyman Cinema, Edinburgh and as part of the Chen Yi-Wen retrospective.


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