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Film REVIEW: Hidden Figures (2016) - ★★★★

Director: Theodore Melfi

Writer: Allison Schroeder, Theodore Melfi

based on Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly

Stars: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Mahershala Ali, Aldis Hodge, Glen Powell.

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Themes: Space Program, 1960s, Segregation

The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.

The film received critical acclaim, with praise for the performances (particularly Henson, Spencer and Monáe), the writing, direction, cinematography, emotional tone, and historical accuracy, although some argued it featured a white savior narrative.


Daniel (Age 13) - ★★★★

"This was great film about a very important topic.

The acting was great and the story was amazing.

My favourite scene was when the rocket launched because it was well shot."

Have you seen it?


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Mahershala Ali battles segregation and discrimination again in another fantastic true story, Green Book. He appears also in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button alongside Taraji P. Henson. Meanwhile Kirsten Dunst and Octavia Spencer both appeared in Spider-Man.

For more true stories of racial discrimination and sexism there's some fantastic movies out there including Lincoln, Hotel Rwanda, Gandhi, Selma, The Post and Battle of the Sexes. Meanwhile another great true take on the space race catch The Right Stuff.

Have you seen these?...



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