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Event REVIEW: A Festive Silent Disco Adventure - ★★★★★

Updated: May 19, 2022

This winter, we're bringing back the old fashioned tradition of carol singing with a modern twist!

Grab one of our state of the art headsets and get ready to rock around every Christmas tree as our incredible comedy host helps you to celebrate the festive period in style. You'll sing and dance in the fastest 60 minutes of your entire Christmas! We'll have you Ho Ho HO-ing around the streets with some of the greatest Christmas songs of all time. Perfect to get the whole family together and have some festive fun!

Get ready to have a jolly ol' time…



Hunter Square, Edinburgh


Until 24th December




Saturday 18th December

Mix Up Theatre Students, Families & Teachers finished the term with a Festive Silent Disco Adventure.

Maddie (Age 7) - ★★★★★

'It was a-maz-ing. I loved doing all the dances and I particularly liked that it started with the Greatest Showman. I really liked James. I give it 100 stars out of 5.'

Archie (Age 9) - ★★★★

'We walked in a circle around the old town. It was good and I especially liked the part with the pirates. I liked air guitaring. James was absolutely hilarious, he said he was really, really old. '

Hollye (Age 11) - ★★★★★

'It was so fun to do and look at all the other strangers faces as they looked in shock and awe... All the song choices were great. All in all it was a lovely and very fun experience. :-) '

Mylo (Age 13) - ★★★★★

'The experience was truly fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The staff were energetic, friendly and full of joy. The songs were great and are definitely dance worthy. You sing along as you move through the streets with a group of strangers who you seem to get along greatly with. We all had a great time and enjoyed it dearly.'


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