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EASTER ONLINE: Trolls Collector - The Challenges! - #taskmastermixup

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


Complete challenges to WIN Trolls Collector Points. The students with the most points at the end of the week WINS Prizes! Good Luck!

Check this post daily to see what the newest challenges are.

Send in your pics in the comments below or by e-mail to

Or Mix Up Theatre Whatsapp - 07720861796



CHALLENGE: Review the movie, Trolls

WIN: 5 Troll Points

Review the movie at our Popcorn Critics: HERE


CHALLENGE: Trolls Pics!

Send a pic of yourself with a Trolls doll!

WIN: 2 Troll Points for every Troll doll.



CHALLENGE: Draw your 2 Characters - One Troll (Colourful, Super Happy!), One Bergen (Grumpy looking!) - Remember to write their names!

WIN: 3 Troll Points for Each Picture.

EXTRA - Add onto the picture a LIKES and DISLIKES.... for example...

DJ AWESOME likes Music & Parties - dislikes Brussel Sprouts and Thunderstorms.

Here's some videos to help you...


CHALLENGE: Dance & Sing!

Today we are making our Trolls wigs, once you have made these send us in videos of your Troll character Singing and / or Dancing! Any song!

WIN: 5 Points for a Video.


CHALLENGE: Caught Trolls Pics!

Send in a pic of a Troll (maybe a figure? doll?) being caught by a Bergen (you!)

WIN: 4 Points for a Picture.



CHALLENGE: The Way to Bergen Town! Map

Draw a map that shows the way from Troll Village to Bergen Town.

WIN: 5 Troll Points!


CHALLENGE: Scary Creatures!

Draw or Dress Up as the Scary Creatures the Trolls will meet on the way to Bergen Town!

WIN: 3 Troll Points per Creature!


CHALLENGE: Bergen Dinner Time!

Take a picture or video as yourself dressed as your Bergen character making lunch/dinner and eating lunch/dinner! Will there be a Troll in the pot??

WIN: 3 Troll Points!



CHALLENGE: Trapped Trolls

Send in pics of Trolls trapped! This can be either Toys or pics of yourself as a Troll!

WIN: 3 Troll Points per picture



Decorate your room and set up your Trolls for a PARTY!!!

Balloons? Party Food? Disco Lights? Space to Dance? How are you going to decorate for a Trolls Party? If you have Trolls dolls set them up for a PARTY!!!

The TROLLS PARTY is Friday at 4pm on ZOOM!

WIN: 10 Troll Points!



Send us in a Song for The Trolls Party Playlist

WIN: 3 Troll Points!

Send us in a suggestion for a Song for the Trolls Party!


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