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Dinosaur Egg Hatch!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Materials - paper plate/ thin card like a cereal box, pens, pencils, scissor, lolly stick, glue.

Step 1 -Draw an egg shape on your paper plate / cardboard

Step 2 - draw jagged edges through the middle

(Don't make them too thin you will need to cut them !)

Step 3 Cut out the egg

Step 4 - decorate /colour in egg.

Step 5 - To make your egg have the dino coming out.... fold the egg in half to cut into the jagged bits

Making a dinosaur -

use a spare bit of cardboard / paper plate

Decorate the dinosaur!

Stick a lollystick to the back of the dinosaur! Now it can poke through the cut out egg

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