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Creative Writing: Plot - Lesson 7: Worst-possible moment

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Worst-possible moment

Many stories build up to a climax. Often, this is a moment where it looks like all is lost. Writing a worst-possible moment into your story can make it really exciting!

Theo reads Chapter 16: The WOMAN...

It looks like Mr Fox is going to be caught stealing, just when Mr Fox's family need him to bring them some food and drink!

Nina and Theo continue the story...

How do you feel at this part of the story?

Look at the page again. Pick out words or phrases that show you Mr Fox is in trouble.


How could Mr Fox escape?

Write what might happen next.


Lots of different things could be the worst-possible moment for the hero of your story. Write down some ideas.


Choose your favourite idea for your hero's worst-possible moment.

Write a paragraph to describe the moment.

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