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Creative Writing: Plot - Lesson 5: Magnificent Middles

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Magnificent Middles

The middle of a story is often where the plot develops and exciting or funny things happen. There are new problems for the hero to solve, and there are usually plenty of surprises, too.

Stewart, Sophie, Orson, Nina & Myles work through Lesson 5:


Here are four middle-of-the-story problems.

Finish them with your own ideas.

___________________ gets stuck in __________________________

___________________ has an argument with ___________________

___________________ cannot find ____________________________

___________________ is chased by ___________________________


The same situation can be funny or exciting, depending on your story. In both examples below, a character falls off his chair.

Which one is the funny story and which one is the adventure story?

The blast threw Bunce backwards, smashing his chair into pieces on the concrete floor. Unsteadily he rose to his feet.

The chair legs slipped and Bunce tumbled backwards, sending the pots flying. A very large pot of paint landed with a plop on Boggis' head.


Choose your favourite middle-of-the-story problem from above.

Plan what happens in the scene. Will you make it exciting, funny, or both?

Now, write the scene you have chosen and send in to us...

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