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Comedy REVIEW: Edinburgh International Improv Festival: Perm & Psyched Out - ★★★★

Get ready for some late night improv! Get your gossip fix with Perm before an improv show with a very unusual opening from Psyched Out.

We’re grabbing the mop and propping up the wet floor sign, because Perm are about to spill some tea. This girl gang from Glasgow, Scotland is a big fan of your gossip. Share your anonymous secrets with them and they’ll turn them into inspiration for their improvised scenes.

Boston’s own Psyched Out have one of the more unusual openings in improv and it's heading to us from Improv Asylum for one night only. Psychic-medium Karen Kelly will perform a live reading to inspire improv scenes. Let Karen tell you about your future, your love life, your career, your past lives and even that ghost in your basement - before the Psyched Out team brings all that to life. We predict you’ll have a great time.

Edinburgh International Improv Festival 2024 is a four day celebration of long-form improv, with teams and performers from around the world converging on the Scottish Storytelling Centre for a long weekend of creativity, community and connection.

With shows, workshops and late night jams, join EIIF for a weekend of one of a kind, never to be repeated shows, moments of surprise and delight, and unique opportunities to connect with some of the best improvisers in the world.



Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh - run ended


Stewart - ★★★★

"A fantastic weekend of improv comedy and workshops took place over the past few days at the Edinburgh International Improv Festival!

On the night we went along, we saw the hilarious Glasgow group Perm - the sketches the all female group came up with on the night were based on bits of gossip that was suggested by the audience before the show. Plenty of running gags, a great energy and bouncing off each others jokes from the cast and of course the odd Wonka Glasgow inspired sketch made this a terrific start to the hour. Will definitely be adding Perm to the must-see list!

Meanwhile Psyched Out have the unusual start of having a psychic reading be the basis of the sketches, a game audience member had his reading done live on stage and the cast created a goofy little story along the way.

A brilliant night of comedy, as always with improv not everything hits but this was mostly all hilarious.

The festival itself looked fantastic and most events were sold out, with audience and participants from around the world coming along to the Scottish Storytelling Centre and the other venues that were being used.

A big riotous round of applause to the organisers and it's worth booking your tickets early this time next year because it's so popular so pin this one in the diary for 2025."


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