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Book REVIEW: Esio Trot - Roald Dahl - ★★★★

This is the wonderful and warm-hearted Roald Dahl classic, Esio Trot.

Mr Hoppy really loves his neighbour Mrs Silver, and Mrs Silver really loves her tortoise, Alfie. One day Mrs Silver asks Mr Hoppy how to make Alfie grow, and suddenly Mr Hoppy knows the way to win her heart. With the help of a magical spell and some cabbage leaves, can Mr Hoppy be happy at last?

'A true genius . . . Roald Dahl is my hero' - David Walliams



Sadie (Age 9) - ★★★★

"This is a book about an old man who falls in love with his neighbour, Miss Silver, who has a tortoise called Alfie. Mr. Hoppy helps Miss Silver to get Alfie to grow using some magic words. Mr. Hoppy siad that the magic words once whispered into Alfie's ears once a day he will get bigger. Then he had to go all over town to bring all the tortoises to switch them with Alfie, so she thinks he gew. When "Alfie" gets too big Miss Silver said that "Alfie can't fit through his door" he then then tells her to say the spell in reverse. Alfie is smaller the next ngiht. And then Mr. Hoppy proposes to Miss Silver.

I liked it, it was funny. My favourite character is Alfie who is bought by Roberta Squibb."

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