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Theatre REVIEW: Too Close to the Sun - ★★★★★

Inspired by the Greek legend of Icarus, this is the story of a girl weighed down by the responsibility of the environmental crisis. She dreams of the boy Icarus and begins to work out her escape. This is the story of a girl who’s learning to fly.

Too Close To The Sun is about the power of imagination and the sheer determination that lets you fly when forces all around want to pull you down. The award-winning Barrowland Ballet use intricate choreography, spoken word and humour to tell this evocative new story.

Co-produced by Imaginate and Barrowland Ballet and funded through the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund.

Barrowland Ballet




Traverse Theatre - Part of Imaginate Festival


Sophie (Age 10) - ★★★★★

"On Friday 2nd June I went to see Barrowland Ballet perform Too Close to the Sun at the Traverse theatre as part of the Children’s Festival. I thought it was excellent! It was a style of dance I had never seen before.

I loved how the ballet showed me how we need to look after our planet and we can’t do it alone.

I loved the mix of humour and style of contemporary dancing which mixed well with music to give a very interesting performance about something very important.

It was clever how they used the Greek story of Icarus within the dance and how they projected the image of Icarus dancing throughout the performance.

The dancers were beautiful and loved really well. Their tricks were amazing and I loved how they used the rotating towers!

I rate it 5 star! "


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