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Theatre REVIEW #keepitlit: School for Skalds with Macastory - ★★★★★

Prepare to become a Skald, a Viking poet storyteller. Join storytellers extraordinaire Macastory for a daring adventure… YOURS! With Macastory’s help, create your own mini-saga, learn it and tell it in the style of the ancient Viking Skalds. Prepare for sea monsters, battles and even a visit from the gods. Cast the mystical story runes, then it’s up to you what happens next!


Our Family Events invite people of all ages to join in the delights of storytelling, from mystical unicorns and Robin Hood, to Greek gods and outdoor play, there’s something for everyone!


In Scotland’s Year of Stories, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival: Keep It Lit invites everyone to the ceilidh; locally, nationally and globally. At the core of Scotland’s culture and identity is the hospitable hearth - a place of solidarity and welcome for friend and stranger alike. Round that symbolic fire, experiences and memories are shared and hope affirmed.



Scottish Internation Storytelling Festival


Annabelle (Age 9) & Aoibheann (Age 9) - ★★★★★


Make sure you have booked in for the latest DRAMA CLASSES at Mix Up Theatre throughout Scotland and Online :)


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