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Theatre REVIEW: Dear Billy- ★★★★★

A love letter to the Big Yin. From the people of Scotland.

There’s a guy. You know him. You know…big hair, wee beard, glasses, talks like that. You know? You know. The guy…The Big Yin.

Billy Connolly needs no introduction. He is a national treasure. From the shipyards of the Clydeside to his trailblazing and extraordinary stage and movie exploits, he is woven into Scottish culture.

Everyone has a Billy Story.

An expert team of story gatherers has created a collection of these moving and hilarious tales. Gary McNair, one of Scotland’s best theatre makers, has turned these stories into a special show celebrating the Big Yin and what he means to us.

Gary is hitting the road with a band, collecting more stories as they go, making every show different.

Each one a unique chance to laugh, sing, and celebrate the man and the legend.

A National Theatre of Scotland production

by Gary McNair



Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh until Saturday 21st May - Part of Scotland Tour


Stewart - ★★★★★

"A beautifully crafted, hilarious love letter to not only the legend that is Billy Connolly but also to the people of Scotland, their sense of humour and their banter. This show is an absolute delight, performed magnetically by the whirlwind of talent Gary McNair. McNair doesn't do a Billy Connolly impression, it's more an embodiment of the spirit of the enigmatic hilarious comedian, as he recounts endless stories from the people of Scotland who have met the great man, been entertained by him or are drawn to him.

Aided by two wonderful musicians on stage, a suitably quirky set design and costume choices, and impeccably researched and pieced together by the creative team lead by director Joe Douglas. This is an outstanding, unforgettable piece of theatre that celebrates the greatness of one of Scotland's favourite sons, expect lots of cheeky laughs and a warm glowing feeling that hits the heart strings. If you're a Billy Connolly fan or indeed of Scotland, humour or... life itself - go see it!"


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