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THE SCHOOL OF OZ - Photo Challenge! #taskmastermixup

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

#taskmastermixup - Wizard of Oz School Challenge!


This week our 5-7s and 8-11s are joining the School of Oz!

How do you teach Maths to a groups of brainless scarecrows?

How do cowardly lions play dodgeball in P.E.?

How do tin men cope using bunsen burners in Science?

Find out at THE SCHOOL OF OZ!


CHALLENGE! - #taskmastermixup

Send us in a pic of the student dressed up this week as a Wizard of Oz character doing their schoolwork....

Prizes to be won....


Classes this week...

Monday 4pm - Age 5-7s

Monday 5pm - Age 8-11s

Saturday 11am - Age 5-11s

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