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Taskmaster Mix Up Challenge! - Indiana Jones and the Last Easter Egg!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

#taskmastermixup Challenge!

Can you recreate a famous scene from the Indiana Jones movies with an Easter Egg?

We've a prize for the winner!

EASTER EGGS - The Hidden Meaning!

In movies, Easter eggs are hidden references, clues or inside jokes that have been inconspicuously (and sometimes not so inconspicuously) placed into TV shows, video games, and movies. They're pretty much a creator's secret love letter to their fans, or in some cases an inside joke with fellow creators.

Here's some...

In fact, there's a lot of STAR WARS Easter Eggs in the Indiana Jones movies. Before you watch the Indiana Jones movies this week, have a look at this video that reveals some of the Star Wars references. See if you spot them yourself...

Can you think of any other Easter Eggs you have seen in a movie or game?

Can you think of any examples of Easter Eggs we've put in a Mix Up Theatre show?

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